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Quality policy

Quality policy and objectives

FUNDICIÓN M.BRETONS aims to provide a quality service that is a true reflection of the expectations of each client, meeting all the requirements, thus ensuring the total satisfaction of the client, and nevertheless the success of the company All this will be brought to term through absolute respect for the environment and care and rigor for the prevention of occupational risks, providing the organization with the necessary resources.

The Quality Manual is designed as an effective tool to achieve the aforementioned objectives. For all this, the following principles are established, declared and assumed:
1.- The quality of the service and product offered to the customer is the result of planned and systematic PREVENTION, DETECTION, CORRECTION AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT actions.
2.- The contractual requirements, the wishes and expectations of the customers are the only criterion for establishing the quality pattern of our products.
3.- Each of the workers of FUNDICIÓN M.BRETONS is responsible for quality, respect for the environment and compliance with the rules established for the prevention of accidents at their work and that of the rest of the workers. Quality is responsible for IMPULSING the implementation of the Quality policy and objectives, checking its execution through audits and encouraging continuous improvement in all areas of FUNDICIÓN M.BRETONS.
4.- FUNDICIÓN M.BRETONS actively undertakes to comply with applicable legislation at all times, including environmental and labor legislation.
5.- The application of this policy requires the active integration of all the company's human team. For all this, the Management considers MOTIVATION and TRAINING to be priorities for QUALITY.

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